Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fabric Covered Shoes - FAIL!

Okay, I have a giant fail to share.  I created the shoes for my daughter that I mentioned in an earlier post, and they are terrible!  I cut out each piece of fabric like all of the tutorials explained.  I attached them with a fabric glue that I found at Walmart.  I wanted to use Mod Podge for fabric, but I couldn't find any at either Walmart or at Joann's Fabric.  

So, instead, I used this.  It seemed to work very well, at first, but the final result just wasn't what I wanted. 

The biggest problem with the shoes is that they are too stiff to actually wear!  They are inflexible and scratchy on the inside where the fabric is folded over the edges.  

I apologize for how bad the pictures are, but I was so disappointed that I just grabbed some quick photos with my phone.  The wrinkles around the toes and above the heel of the shoe were acceptable, but I had a great deal of trouble keeping the entire project clean.  If you look closely at the photos, you can see ugly dried glue pieces that kept coming off my fingers and attaching to the glue that wasn't dry yet.  Also, the shoes seemed to attract every piece of fluff or hair in the room!  It was pretty bad.  

I only had about $20 invested in this project, and I have left-over fabric that can be used on another project and I have about half a bottle of the fabric glue, too.  The shoes were $10 at Walmart, and I will probably have to throw them away because NO ONE is going to wear them here.

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