Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shutterfly - I love them!

Do any of you use Shutterfly?  I do!  I love them.  I have used them for printing photos, making photo books, and making posters.  I think they have the BEST quality.

Right now, Shutterfly is having a contest where you can win a trip to the Bahamas!  Woohoo!  You also get a professional photo shoot while on vacation.  You can be a star for a day. 

You have to "like" them on Facebook and then you just have to add a picture with a caption.  The best part, I think, is that they say they'll give you a gift just for entering.  For those of you who have used Shutterfly before, you know this likely means something like a coupon for free prints or maybe even a free photo book! 

I get benefits for referring you through my blog, so please, click away and enter the contest!

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