Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monster Pants!

Recently, a friend posted on Facebook that she would like to have someone make these for her son.  

1332 Monster Bum on Susan

Aren't they adorable?!

Well, I found my own pattern here and made my own.

I think they came out great!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blogger Idol

I want to be a Blogger Idol!  What's a Blogger Idol you say?  Well, here's the description from their website.

You've been eyeing the prizes, kissing up to the judges, and now... It's GO TIME! Auditions are open for Blogger Idol 2012!

It doesn't matter how big your blog is. It doesn't matter how old your blog is. The only thing that matters is that you can entertain us. We've got a scoring system in place that ensures that this is not a popularity contest, so it doesn't matter how many fans you have. For all the details on how to audition, check out the
Try Out page.

Auditions will close at 11:59 PM CST on Monday, September 17, 2012, and the Top 12 will be announced on September 20, 2012. You can find the full schedule

Are you going to audition? If you aren't going to audition, who are you rooting for? If you know a blogger that deserves the title of Blogger Idol, send them over here!

The prizes are pretty cool, but I'm more interested in the challenge and in getting my blog's name out there a little more.  These are the prizes:

Blogger Idol 2012 Prizes:

Grand Prize:
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Student Edition
7" WSVGA TFT screen
With a 1024 x 600 resolution to showcase movies and games.
8GB on-board memory
Offers spacious storage
VGA front-facing camera
Rear-facing 3.0MP camera 
Digital media card reader
Bluetooth 3.0
USB 2.0 port
Keyboard dock
For more info, check out the stats here.
This awesome prize is courtesy of our sponsors!


Have you ever wished you could turn your blog into a book? Now you can! Blog2Print enables you to upload your blog to their site, and customize it to turn it into a book that you can have sitting right on your coffee table! Winner will receive a $150 voucher.

First Runner Up:
Ghirardelli Chocolate

Ghirardelli Chocolate... does it get any better? Winner will receive the All About Ghirardelli® Gift BasketAn abundant presentation of Ghirardelli® gifts including:
• 1lb bag of Whole Bean Ghirardelli® Coffee
• 1 box of Masterpiece Truffles (4.3oz)
• 3 boxes of assorted SQUARES™ chocolates
• 1 Caramel Collection Gift Box (6.38oz)
• 1 San Francisco Skyline Chocolate-Covered Assortment Gift Tin
• 1 Hot Cocoa Gift Pouch (3 pack)
• 1 Heritage Gift Tin filled with 5 Intense Dark™ bars
• 1 box of Intense Dark™ and Sublime White™ chocolates
• 1 Heritage Drinking Chocolate Gift Tin

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition
Have you ever wanted to write a blog post without having to type it all up? With Dragon, users say words and they appear on the computer screen -- three times faster than typing -- with up to 99% accuracy right out of the box. You can even personalize Dragon with custom word lists and formatting preferences. Dragon gets more accurate over time as it learns your word choices and writing style. Read more HERE.

Newman's Own Organics

Newman's Own Organics goes beyond snack foods. When Nell Newman and business partner Peter Meehan started Newman’s Own® Organics: The Second Generation® in 1993, they were sure there was a market for organic snack foods, but they couldn’t have anticipated just how fast the demand for their products would grow. What started with pretzels and grew to include other snack foods has now expanded to many other organic items: coffee, tea, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, organic dried fruit, and pet food. Prize package includes four items of winner's choice.

Second Runner Up:
DaVinci Gourmet
At DaVinci Gourmet®, flavor is what they do best. For more than a decade they have been making your coffee more flavorful, making your mochas creamier, sweetening your favorite desserts and tempting you with their gourmet confections. Their family of delectable gourmet products lets you experience how flavorful life can be. Prize package includes a variety of DaVinci Gourmet Syrups, valued at $75.

Sogno Coffee Company

Is it your dream to find that perfect cup of coffee? But among the thousands of chain coffeehouses and the dizzying array of trendy brands, where do you start? Actually, it's simple. At Sogno Coffeehouse, they know it all starts with the beans. Truth is, many people have not had the pleasure of enjoying a real quality coffee. No matter the price, brand, or packaging, it all comes down to the beans. Sogno roasts only the finest Arabica beans in their one of a kind, custom-built roaster. The product is unrivaled: the aroma, the body, and that very first sip... it's like un sogno, a dream. Prize package includes two 8oz bags of your choice.

Freetail Therapy
Freetail Therapy offers readers the opportunity to learn about how to use coupons ethically and legally, in a way that will benefit, not only themselves, but the stores they shop at. She leans to the crunchy side and loves to promote eco-friendly companies and products. Our awesome judge from Freetail Therapy is  offering a $50 gift certificate to Amazon.com!

Third Runner Up:
Healthy To Go!

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The mission at snackTAXI is to make high quality, affordable reusable bags that empower everyone to reduce waste, while embracing business practices that respect our community, environment, and Earth. Winner will receive a prize package.

Fourth Runner Up:
Small Concept

Small Concept was born of a love for children and an obsession for tiny tot style. Modern fashion. Cool Styles. Hip Graphics. Great quality – in everything for your little ones – kid’s apparel, nursery furniture, toys, maternity and more. Winner will receive a gift code.

Tyler's Coffee

Tyler's Coffee is different. They use a “Z-Roasting” process that optimizes the time the coffee beans are cooked. The result is high levels of caffeine and free of acid. Benefits of an acid free coffee are that the tooth enamel is protected and teeth are stronger, leading to fewer cavities. Even those with sensitive stomachs can enjoy Tyler's Coffee!

Fifth Runner Up:

Founded in 2002, the mission at GIANTmicrobes Inc. is to produce unique and interesting gifts for children and adults alike. Whether your interest is educational, medical, or just plain entertainment, they are your number one source for all things microbial! The winner will receive their choice of one giant Gigantic plush toy.

Boogie Wipes

Boogie Wipes® are the first ever saline nose wipe. They are a great solution for kids’ sore, red, runny noses. Boogie Wipes are made with natural saline to dissolve boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold, allergies or otherwise booger-filled kid moments. Winner will receive two 90 count canisters and several individual packages of Boogie Wipes.

They're all pretty awesome, but that grand prize is something I would LOVE to have!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Life is Hectic

Life is very hectic in the Lounsberry household now that it is September.  As most of you know, I live in a big, old farmhouse with my husband, four children, one child's spouse, four dogs, numerous cats, and a partidge in a pear tree.  With the new month came the start of school for the 16-year-old girls, plus soccer games and everything that goes along with that. 

My son and his wife are expecting my first grandbaby, and I couldn't be more excited!  They already know they are having a girl, and they have decided to name her Miya Rose.  Don't you just love those names together?!  Miya Rose.  Their due date is actually on Christmas Day so we might have a wonderful, little present at the end of December. 

I, of course, have been buying baby girl clothing ever since I found out her gender, and my son is now saying, "Stop!  She has enough!" but I can't help myself.  It's all been from secondhand stores and yard sales so I haven't spent a great deal of money.  My son wears mostly Carhartt clothing so I did spend a little bit on this little diaper cover.

Diaper Cover

Aren't they so sweet?!

In addition to all of this, Jon's schedule is so different now than it was just a year ago, and it's been a little bit difficult for me to adjust.  He's working at KidsPeace again and has been since late March, and he works some days and some nights.  I was used to having him home a lot more when he worked for the State, but he's so much happier now, and happiness is far more important than anything else.  Oh, and he makes more money!

Emily is living at home, too.  She is working full-time for the State of Maine in Ellsworth.  I'm so proud of her.  She pays her own way and is (most of the time) a joy to have around.  She's engaged to a lovely young man who is in the Army and stationed in Georgia.  Unfortunately, he is being shipped out to Afghanistan in November and will likely be gone for a year.  She's figuring out how to cope with that.

So that's my life in a nutshell.  It's hectic, but I guess I wouldn't have it any other way!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Who likes coupons?!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Famous Footwear for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As most of you know, I have sixteen-year-old twin girls - high school girls - who can be a little bit fussy.  Okay, they can often be very fussy, especially about their appearances so, as you can imagine, school shopping can be a trying time for me.  It seems as though the only things they are willing to wear is t-shirts and jeans.  Ha, you thought that would be easy to shop for though, didn't you?  It isn't.  They try on hundreds of pairs of jeans and there's always something just not quite right about each and every pair <large sigh of frustration here>.  

So while my girls are only wearing jeans and t-shirts every single day, they do wear many different kinds of shoes.  They love shoes and can't seem to have enough pairs.  As you can imagine, this can cost me quite a bit of money!  Well, I learned today that Famous Footwear is having a terrific sale right now.  They are offering a 15% off coupon AND a BOGO offer of buy one pair and get the second pair half off.  You have saved me, Famous Footwear!  Now I can make one stop, at one store, and tell my girls to pick out the shoes they want, try them all on, and then be out of there without losing every last bit of patience I might have (sorry, Girls, I do NOT have unlimited amounts of patience!).  They have tons of styles all in one place and they have always had my girls shoe sizes.  And I'll be spending less money!  Yay!

Here's the coupon.  Print it!  Trust me, this will help during this difficult time!  But remember, you need to use the coupon between August 2nd and August 18th.


BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon

I just learned something else today, too.  Famous Footwear also offers a free Rewards Program.  Just by joining and buying shoes with them, you earn rewards toward future purchases.  


  • Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend in-store or online
  • Accumulate points to earn certificates up to $100 a year
  • Discount offer just for signing up
  • Other special inside discounts and perks


Visit Sponsor's Site

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shutterfly-fourth week!

This is the fourth week to enter Shutterfly's contest to win a trip to the Bahamas.  I've entered three times already and earned 100 free 4x6 photos, two free 11x14 prints, and six 3x5 folded cards.  I haven't entered yet this week, and I can't wait to find out what the free gift is this time.

So don't forget to enter!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Shutterfly Sweepstakes - Don't forget to keep entering!

Don't forget to enter Shutterfly's sweepstakes again this week.  The picture theme this time around is The Great Outdoors.  After entering today, I received a promotional code for 100 free 4x6 photos!!  Woohoo!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shutterfly - I love them!

Do any of you use Shutterfly?  I do!  I love them.  I have used them for printing photos, making photo books, and making posters.  I think they have the BEST quality.

Right now, Shutterfly is having a contest where you can win a trip to the Bahamas!  Woohoo!  You also get a professional photo shoot while on vacation.  You can be a star for a day. 

You have to "like" them on Facebook and then you just have to add a picture with a caption.  The best part, I think, is that they say they'll give you a gift just for entering.  For those of you who have used Shutterfly before, you know this likely means something like a coupon for free prints or maybe even a free photo book! 

I get benefits for referring you through my blog, so please, click away and enter the contest!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fabric Covered Shoes - FAIL!

Okay, I have a giant fail to share.  I created the shoes for my daughter that I mentioned in an earlier post, and they are terrible!  I cut out each piece of fabric like all of the tutorials explained.  I attached them with a fabric glue that I found at Walmart.  I wanted to use Mod Podge for fabric, but I couldn't find any at either Walmart or at Joann's Fabric.  

So, instead, I used this.  It seemed to work very well, at first, but the final result just wasn't what I wanted. 

The biggest problem with the shoes is that they are too stiff to actually wear!  They are inflexible and scratchy on the inside where the fabric is folded over the edges.  

I apologize for how bad the pictures are, but I was so disappointed that I just grabbed some quick photos with my phone.  The wrinkles around the toes and above the heel of the shoe were acceptable, but I had a great deal of trouble keeping the entire project clean.  If you look closely at the photos, you can see ugly dried glue pieces that kept coming off my fingers and attaching to the glue that wasn't dry yet.  Also, the shoes seemed to attract every piece of fluff or hair in the room!  It was pretty bad.  

I only had about $20 invested in this project, and I have left-over fabric that can be used on another project and I have about half a bottle of the fabric glue, too.  The shoes were $10 at Walmart, and I will probably have to throw them away because NO ONE is going to wear them here.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fabric Covered Shoes

I have a great idea!  My daughter wants a pair of yellow shoes, and I've been having a difficult time finding just the right color for her so, instead . . . drum roll, please . . . I'm going to make them!  You heard me correctly!  I'm going to make her shoes that are the exact right color.  I've already found the fabric at Walmart.  It came in a convenient size at a reasonable price.  I can't wait to get started!

Here are some tutorials for covering shoes with fabric that I've found around the web.

Finished shoe versus old shoe


I love all of these.  I can't wait to get started.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Penny Desk

I just saw the coolest tutorial for a penny-topped desk over at the blog Epbot.  I am very intrigued by the idea of using pennies, and maybe this would be the project to start with.  I love how the epoxy over the top makes it so shiny and smooth.

This is sooooo pretty! 


Emily is in Georgia

Emily drove through the night to get to Georgia, and I was more nervous than I expected to be while she drove there.  She is my twenty-year-old daughter, and she is more than capable of doing anything she sets her mind to, but this is one of her bigger adventures.  She is, of course, visiting a boy (isn't there always a boy involved?!).  Her boyfriend, Reggie, is the in the Army and is stationed at Fort Stewart, and she took this week off from work so that she could go down and see him.

I'm proud of my girl, but I was certainly nervous, too.  She left yesterday afternoon from Augusta, Maine, at 3:00 pm and arrived at Fort Stewart at approximately 1:15 pm today.  She stopped only for gas, refreshments, and the ladies room.  

I'm proud of you, beautiful girl.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me - a day early

Today my coworkers surprised me with a beautiful cake and a lovely card. It was so sweet!  I'm taking the day off tomorrow so they surprised me a day earlier.

Here is the mastermind of the whole suprise, Rachel Curtis-Doliber!

This is the banner she made me for my cubicle. 

I love Mr. Potato Head so they had a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head cake made for me. I love these guys!

This is what he looked like after we had eaten quite a bit.  I call him Picasso Mr. Potato Head!

And this is poor Mr. Potato Head at the end of his wonderful life!

I have the BEST coworkers!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

16th Birthday

My twin girls turned 16 years old two weeks ago, and we had their birthday party this past weekend.  For their birthday they wanted to stay overnight at a hotel with an indoor pool, along with several of their friends.  Well, several friends for each daughter means MANY teenagers!  I had a total of six girls in the back of my Ford Expedition, which holds eight passesngers, so they left the front passenger seat open and piled all of their bags and presents there.

We were jam packed but had a fun ride down to the Ramada Inn in Ellsworth, Maine.  They were singing to the radio and laughing.  It was fun.  About half way there, they started taking pictures of themselves.  Here are a few:

Photo is loading  Photo is loading  Photo is loading  Photo is loading

And then we took some pictures of them in and around the pool and the hot tub.

Photo is loading  Photo is loading  Photo is loading  Photo is loading

They are a great bunch of girls and even though they were exhausted by the time I took them home Sunday morning, I think they all had a good time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Craft Wars tonight on TLC!

I follow Amy over at Modge Podge Rocks, and she just did a post about TLC's Craft Wars - on tonight!  I've been waiting and waiting for this show to start every since I saw the previews, and I didn't remember that it was on tonight.  Thanks, Amy, for reminding me!!

You should head on over to Amy's blog and see the preview video she has there.  The show looks good!

Smashing Pumpkins Review

I just listened to the new Smashing Pumpkins album Oceania, and let me tell you!  It was good!  I really think it was their best album yet.  I've got to run so that I can listen to some more!

A Wedding!

We had a wedding this weekend!  My son Ben and his girlfriend, Ellen - or should I now say wife? - were married on Sunday.  It was a small but lovely wedding.

This is their furry child.

I'm so happy for them!  They are very much in love and are ready to make a life together.


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