Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Goodie Bags for Teenagers

I mentioned a few days ago that I'm going to make goodie bags for the guests at my daughters' birthday party.  I've been collecting little things to go into the "baskets" for a couple of weeks now.  I hit pay dirt at The Dollar Tree with this unique looking containers that I thought would be perfect for teenage girls
Dollar Tree containers

We have eight girls total coming to the party, my two daughters and three friends each.  Luckily, they share most of their friends so, hopefully, everyone will get along well. 

I bought several of the goodies at The Dollar Tree, and I also picked up a few things at The Christmas Tree ShopI tried to find things that came in multiples so that I could spend less money and still have enough items for each container.

This is the whole stash, laid out on my bed.

There is hand sanitizer, hair elastics, fingernail glitter, moist wipes, tissues, squirt guns, gum, combs, and small ball bearing maze games.

The squirt guns did not end up fitting into the containers so I've given them to my daughters to just bring with them to the party. 

Here are a couple of the containers, finished.

And this is what they look like closed up and ready to go!

I had fun with these, and they were so simple.  I would guess that I have approximately $25 invested in these, and they are something all of the girls can take home with them.  Some of the items can be reused, but most are just for fun.

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