Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Goodies for the Advent Boxes

I've been thinking a lot about what I could put in my advent boxes as little gifts for children, and then I realized I want to put in a few little things for the grownups, too.

I've been looking around at several websites, trying to find little things that won't break the bank but will excite young kids.  These are a few of my ideas from Oriental Trading.

These are called the Holiday Porcupine Character Assortment and I think they're cute without looking too cheap.

Holiday Porcupine Character Assortment

I thought about this one, too:  Santa's Toy Box Assortment but I think they look a little bit flimsy for what I had in mind.

Santa’s Toy Box Assortment

I found a new website called Giggle Time Toys - well, it's new to me anyway.  They have some really cute things for pretty good prices.  I like this set of stickers which I think would work really well.

Christmas Smile Sticker

I think these ones are sweet, and they come in a set of 100 for only $5.85.

Oh, I really love these from AmazonI buy a lot from Amazon because it's often one-stop shopping and since I'm a prime member, I get free two-day shipping on many of the items I order.

They don't really say Christmas to me, but most of the kids would like them, I think.

Sticky Frogs Assortment (4 dz)

Anyone have any other ideas for me?

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